The Imants Ziedonis Foundation “Viegli” (Lightly) was created in the spring of 2010, bringing together known musicians and artists in Latvia to implement a close mission of the Foundation’s patron, the poet Imants Ziedonis: “Latvia is a wonderful land, but the beautiful must be helped to appear”.

IMANTS ZIEDONIS (1933 - 2013)

One of the most outstanding Latvian poets, publicist, author of short prose and epiphanies of the 20th century.
Imants Ziedonis gained his reputation with his literary works that have affected and helped to change Latvian society, and with his extraordinary and powerful personality. The ideas and activities of Imants Ziedonis have been based on strengthening Latvia in maintaining its identity, beauty and caring for the cultural heritage of the nation. Works by Imants Ziedonis are included in the Latvian Cultural Cannon.

In 2018, thanks to the funding of the Program of Creative Europe, the Foundation “Viegli” (Lightly) fulfilled the poet's dream of being translated into English. In co-operation with publishing house “Jumava”, “Colorful Tales” and “The 1001st Blakish-Blue Night” have been published.

The book “Colorful Tales” is a selection of 11 fairytales for both children and adults. Illustrations for the edition were made by 11 talented Latvian artists – teachers, students and degree candidates at the Latvian Academy of Arts. More about the book.

The book “The 1001st Blakish-Blue Night” is a selection of poems, supplemented with tales of the Foundation’s meeting with the poet, stories about making the Museum dedicated to the poet from a song. It is special because it is supplemented with songs and elements of augmented reality that you can see using the “Overly” application.

You are invited to listen to several songs from the upcoming music album “The 1001st Blakish-Blue Night”.

The small song

I want thee

Glory to God above

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